Learning Journeys

Learning journeys are planned within the school term to help children learn within a meaningful context. Children discover new knowledge through observation, inquiry, exploration and first-hand experience.

Enrichment Programme

At Covenant Kindergarten, we offer enrichment classes to supplement our holistic curriculum. These classes are conducted before and after school hours.

Programmes offered are subject to changes and stretch over 8 sessions.

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Chinese Integrated Programme

Our Chinese Integrated Programme emphasises interaction skills which are based on the core skills of language-learning ie listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Junior Engineers @ Work Robotics Programme

Our Robotics Programme is aimed at promoting creative thinking, honing communication skills and increasing our children’s vocabulary bank as they work with Robotics models.

Speech & Drama

Our Speech & Drama programme aims to promote good communication skills, creative thinking and confident expression through oratory skills development.

Zumba Kids Jr

Our Zumba programme develops a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives.

I Am A Junior Artist

Your child can look forward to learning art techniques from famous artists as well as how to integrate art-making and art history. They will also explore a wide range of materials and mediums and the importance of creative process and design.


Our technology enrichment class provides fun, interactive and hands-on science experiences for all children to explore the many wonders of science.

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